Présentation de la team African Leadership University

We are a team of 4 developers from the African Leadership University with a strong passion for technology and innovation. We live by the slogan of our ALU community, "do hard things". We believe in teamwork and by participating in this hackathon we look forward to working as a team in future challenges as well.

What makes the ALU team unique is the resilience and the will to strive to always present excellent solutions to given challenges.

Portfolio Team African Leadership University

Captures d'écrans de notre site Internet Webcup 2021

  • Description du site

    CryptoConnectors is a world-class fast-growing platform that utilizes modern technology in order to offer the best financial services to its customers. Our platform aims to connect individuals and mining farms as well to investment opportunities using crypto. The navigation on the homepage has been made easy and supports several functionalities such as signing up and registering and logging in.

  • Les points forts & points faibles

    -Morden and catchy appearance
    -easy to navigate pages
    -Comprehensive and easy to understand the content

    -Some links are not fully functional
    - Some information is not completely represented

  • Si on avait plus de temps...

    We would add the possibility of having advertisements on the website and a pop-up banner that presents a mining farm in the region. We could also try to have a map with the location pointers to the farms that are available within the island. We would have added more content about cryptocurrency.

  • Site Responsive
  • CMS
  • Framework JS
  • Language(s) de programmation : Python, Javascript, CSS, Html, Bash script
  • Framework CSS : Bootstrap
  • Template créatif
  • Pre/post-processor CSS

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