Présentation de la team Phenom

Our first year of University, our first WebCup.
We are a team of 4 working in a coherent manner.

Together we are,

Portfolio Team Phenom

Captures d'écrans de notre site Internet Webcup 2022


  • Description du site

    Our website is geared towards giving the user the most simple way of consuming news from around the world concerning health and the politics surrounding it.

  • Les points forts & points faibles

    The website's simple and elegant design with a minimalistic approach aims to gives the user a more comfortable and no-distraction viewing experience.
    However, the downside of our website is the lack of accessibility for disabled people.

  • Si on avait plus de temps...

    The strong focus, had we possess the knowledge, would be to make the website have more accessibility features. A subscription feature was also planned to be implemented.

  • Site Responsive
  • CMS
  • Framework JS : JQuery
  • Language(s) de programmation : HTML, CSS, Javascript (JQuery), PHP, MySQL
  • Framework CSS : Bootstrap
  • Template créatif
  • Pre/post-processor CSS

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