Présentation de la team SupinfoShadowz

We are 3rd year student from Supinfo International University and we are SupinfoShadowz. Participating in the Webcup is such an honor. We are here to test our limits, explore our potential, have fun and do our best to win.

Portfolio Team SupinfoShadowz

Captures d'écrans de notre site Internet Webcup 2022


  • Description du site

    Our website enables users to view the latest news, all details about the alien warning and about the crisis that the human race is facing. It allows users to browse, login or register, irrespective of physical condition. The user uses geolocation to see all Safe Zones where they can seek refuge and can see important equipment that will protect him. Also the user can interact with a chat bot.

  • Les points forts & points faibles

    Strong points:
    Informative, responsive, video with subtitle, chat bot with text to speech, Google maps to relocate safe zones. Login and Register System. ChatBot
    Weak points:
    Weak GUI
    Bug in Mail Confirmation system

  • Si on avait plus de temps...

    More content and informative videos, better UI, allow user to get its current location and directed to nearest Safe Zones, live display of news. Login: Passwd: Qwerty.123

  • Site Responsive
  • CMS
  • Framework JS
  • Language(s) de programmation : HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP
  • Framework CSS : Bootstrap
  • Template créatif : TemplateMonster
  • Pre/post-processor CSS

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