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Team Synced 🔃, a group of four friends from university days sharing a common link: software development. Experienced in various technologies, languages and competitions, we have our eyes on the prize while having a good time and most importantly: learning from this experience, no matter the outcome.

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Captures d'écrans de notre site Internet Webcup 2022


  • Description du site

    The main functionalities of the website is that it allows admin to post different locations, where the buyer can buy their capsule and pay either by PayPal or crypto. The buyer can buy capsule for either his digital or physical item, and the price changes accordingly. The buyer gets access to his history and he is given a key to access his capsule.

  • Les points forts & points faibles

    Buyer - can register and login. After the buyer have login, he can view his e-wallet for crypto and then buy a location using Paypal or Crytocurrency. Admin can post a new location and new capsule item(message,..).

  • Si on avait plus de temps...

    Add a 3D map where there would have locations that the buyer can select directly from the map to buy a location. *This PayPal test account has been used to perform PayPal payments* : PayPal : sb-kkgwi6035776@personal.example, password Bb|5*qsS

  • Site Responsive
  • CMS
  • Framework JS
  • Language(s) de programmation : PHP
  • Framework CSS : Bootstrap
  • Template créatif :
  • Pre/post-processor CSS

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